We've been building up to this for a while now.

Melcor and our predecessor firms have been around since 1923. We’re proud of our story and invite you to learn more. This page will grow throughout the year as we celebrate our centennial anniversary.


Changing the Landscape for 100 Years

100 years is a remarkable milestone – one that demonstrates our resilience. Our companies’ have survived and thrived the Great Depression, World War II, 9/11, a global pandemic and many more momentous events that shaped the past century.

Here are the main companies leading up to Melcor today.

1923 - 1932:Stanley Investments

The Stanley Investment Company was located at 101 Street & 102 Avenue (present day site of Edmonton City Centre East) and the Melton family lived on the second floor for a brief period.

L. Timothy Melton named the company after his then 3 year-old son, Stanley.

Timothy’s vision was to help young families achieve the dream of home ownership.

1932 - 1947:L.T. Melton Real Estate

Timothy sold lots for $100 each with $5 down and $5 monthly payments. Many families lived in tents on their property while their houses were built.

While early focus was on the west end of Edmonton and the village of Jasper Place, L.T. Melton began its strategy of localized offices, strategically situated to provide specialized service to sections of Edmonton. This provided Melton’s with up-to-date market data, leading to a competitive advantage.

1947 - 1976:Melton Real Estate

Stan bought the company from Timothy in 1947. By 1953, there were 16 Melton branch offices in Edmonton.

Complementary subsidiary businesses, such as mortgages, insurance, land development and Melton Homes were also introduced throughout this period.

By 1974, the brokerage division employed 465 sales personnel in 40 branches across western Canada and achieved record sales of over $222 million. Melton’s was western Canada’s top brokerage firm when Stan passed away suddenly in 1973.

1976 - present:Melcor Developments

The 1976 sale of the real estate division precipitated the name change to Melcor Developments. The company doubled-down its focus on land development and growing its portfolio of income producing properties through both third party acquisition and internal development of commercial and multi-family properties.

Continued land development led to the development of Melcor’s first championship golf course: The Links in Spruce Grove. Seven Melcor developed communities surround the golf course.

Quarter Century Club

A strong and engaged workforce has always been a core philosophy for the Melton’s, who recognized that what set the company apart was the trained staff that walked in the door each morning. Since the 1950s, staff have been recognized for their valuable contributions to company success. Company staff continue to be recognized for their long service in 5 year increments. Melcor presently has 24 members in the Quarter Century Club, with 11 in active service today (including those who remain involved as directors).

Active service is annotated by an * in the list of Quarter Century Club members on the right.

  • L.T. Melton
  • Stan Melton
  • Garry Holmes
  • Joyce MacNaught
  • Tim Melton*
  • Ralph Young*
  • Mike Melton
  • Peter Daly
  • David Poppitt
  • Brett Halford
  • Karen Albarda
  • Emma Pears
  • Carol Wallace
  • Glen Andersen*
  • Norman Kay*
  • Patricia Luke
  • Rob Morrison*
  • Mike Dziekan*
  • Russ Luke
  • Kevin McGee*
  • Kristine McTavish*
  • Guy Pelletier*
  • Pierre Beauchemin*
  • Andy Melton*